Reiki 1 Workshops


I am now teaching Reiki 1 in South Wales as series of bring a dish and donation workshops. The minimum suggested donation for any workshop would be the cost of venue and my travel divided by the number of students. The basic training is in two workshops, Reiki for self healing and Reiki for healing others. The condition for taking these workshops is that the student will not charge for Reiki until he or she has completed the Reiki 2 professional course (currently £80) and that he or she offer free Reiki in their community.

In areas where I am setting up Reiki Drop in sessions with the help of local groups, I undertake to provide further training to suitable candidates on the bring a dish and donation basis up to Reiki 2 advanced level (over the course of 2 years) provided they undertake to give free healing at a drop in and respect client confidentiality. 

Reiki treatments will also be available to students at relevant workshops, usually by a supervised student.

Workshop times and dates yet to be announced. 

BB Shodie



I have known Sian and her daughter Sarah since I met Sian at Business in Focus in the Summer of 2012. Sian was alreay healing with Reiki and Theta DNA as well as being a massage therapist when she came to me for Reiki Master training. Her daughter Sarah was due to have surgery last weekend.


These are her Facebook Messages, reposted with her permission:

Fantastic News my daughter Sarah went to Health Hospital Cardiff for  a 3 hour neurosurgery operation and they found that her AVM of the brain has now completely healed itself. Sarah has been very ill since the age of 15, she is now 25 and …has had 7 brain operations over the last 9 years, with Reiki treatments and Theta healing from myself and Shodie Wilson, thank you with love.  I am so over joyed for her that she is now completely healed and can live a fearless life of having a stroke. Wonderful day, thank you to all my wonderful friends, calls, cards, gifts and support.  Well done Sarah, long healthy life for you, with love .  Im celebrating such wonderful happiness for 2013, thank you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Sarah is so happy and she has said that when you performed Reiki, she could feel you undoing something and that my practices with Theta healing also helped.  Hope you are ok. Got up at 6am went to the hospital with Mike and to theatre, was performing Reiki and Theta at the same time, i had a message and told Sarah before she went under that the message was, that there will be no more operations.  They put her under andthe did angiogram and found that the 3 per cent left had healed itself..  Sarah convinced it was the work of yourself and me that helped that final healing, so the surgeon said that there was no need to do anything else.  Omg I told her that she was now reborn as she had this AVM whilst being conceived, so in my eyes, yesterday, was the rebirth and new begginings for Sarah, Bless. I then went back to the Heath and we brough Sarah home last night.  My sister has been to see her with gifts and ive got to get her a congratulations card as she needs to feel this uplift for new life.
Thank You To Sian and Sarah for allowing me to share their story.

Autumn Happenings…..


Merry Meet Again…..

So, what’s been happening at Valley Healing Hands since the nights have got longer and the weather cooler. We’ve been having some lovely country walks in here in Wales and picking up sticks and other bits and pieces for crafting for our  products line Wolfmoon Wands.  As well as taking Reiki and Crystal Therapy on the road, we’ll be selling some lovely hand crafted gifts and magical items.

Then it’s off to Witchfest in Croydon on 16th Nov, where I will be taking a workshop on Images in Dreams and Meditation. There are many other speakers as well as some great bands so if you don’t yet have your tickets please go to

I hope to see some of you there so if you read my blog or follow my tweets please do come up and say hello to me or Mike.

LOVE AND LIGHT to brighten your Autumn Skys

Shodie xxx

Valley Healing Hands….. Open for Business


I am proud to say that we are now OPEN!!!!!

A lot of work has gone on over the past months with loving support from family and friends, and great tips from people on the internet I have yet to meet in the flesh who have proved to be wonderfully supportive of my endeavors to get the door open and people in. 

My mobile teaching has begun with the lovely Sian and her family. Sian took her Master’s with me, while her partner and her daughter did Reiki I. We had a lovely day in Stonehenge and Glastonbury shortly after, with window shopping for all the crystal beauties I hope to be bringing into my home practice in the near future. 

I’m now on Reiki Pages @

And on Free Index @

Please take a look and tell me what you think. Facebook likes, Tweeting and Reviews very much appreciated.

 Our distance healing list is open… please email  telling me the persons name and their illness or situation. I hope to shortly be sending Reiki to the list as part of a Reiki Share.

If you are local and would like to come to a Reiki Share or Meditation Morning, again please email me.

Sending love and healing light to you all.


Shodie xxx

My Reiki Journey August 2012


Hi, it’s been a while since my last post. I had hoped, but can’t say I wish, that I’d been busy getting the business started as planned. Life had other things in store for me by way of a car crash and everything has been on hold since almost arriving at a campsite the weekend before last. Instead of trying out the new tent overnight I spent a long afternoon in hospital, eventually being released at 7pm.

Reiki stepped in at the very moment someone made the bad judgement that ended up in a collision of vehicles. Even when I was in no condition to be giving myself Reiki I was surrounded by white light. I was knocked out and have no memory of the crash, but I do have a visual memory of being above the car and surrounded by white light. I believe that as my physical mind has no memory of this moment in time I’ve retained a higher self memory where I and Reiki were one and sending the protection and healing. Not only was Reiki being sent to me but to everyone involved whether driving or passenger, injured or in shock., to police and ambulance, to the journey to hospital and to the hospital staff. 

Reiki stepped in again with providing friends for a safe journey home, who went out of their way to collect what luggage could be saved. With friends who know people who handle accident claims. With a car in time for next weekends gathering. With time to read books I wanted to check out before passing them on to students. With a deeper sense of that people care about me. 

Reiki also gave me a need for healing, which has worked out for a friend as we can now do an exchange for her training with me, so she gets what she needs with something she can afford to give

Reiki isn’t just a wonderful tool for healing, It’s a wonderful protective and guiding energy. If you haven’t already, start reading about Reiki here and contact me if you wish to be attuned. I will now be opening on 1st September.

Bright Blessings





Reiki, DNA and the X chromosome


Hello again Reiki friends.

Some of you will be aware of the recent Venus passage. For some this marks a “real entering” into the Age of Aquarius. The age of Pisces has been dominated religiously and politically by MASCULINE ENERGY.

I don’t intend to get heavily into the science of DNA on this page. Rather to note that therapies are developing, such as Theta DNA, based around evolving our DNA to a higher level and opening up ourselves to healing at the very base level of existance.

Women, being XX, are perhaps, as a sex more aware of the changes in this age. Certainly more women I encounter in everyday life are talking of dissatisfaction with patriarchial ideas and male domintated religion. I am meeting these women in both feminist and spiritual groups and seeing that more feminist women are seeking spiritual paths and more spiritual women are seeking feminist ideals.

But where do the men feature in this? I, for one, haven’t given up on them yet. Reiki, being Universal energy, can touch everything in everyone. I believe that even men are experiencing Venus as she communicates to the X chromosome the need for change. Men can be in touch with their feminine side and by this I mean become nurturing care givers to both family and friends and our Mother Earth.

Fellow Reiki healers, when you give Reiki, give intention to the X chromosome in all your clients. Male as well as female. Humanity is evolving, all of humanity, the men too. Reiki can aid the evolution.



Christ Reiki


Hi, I promised a few words about Christ Reiki so here they are:
Reiki and Christians
Two of the questions that are frequently asked about Reiki are whether Christians should receive Reiki and whether Christians should be attuned to Reiki. Although I have both had Christian clients and Christian pupils, I would point out that I am not a Christian and can only give a my own perspective as a Pagan and borrowed ones from other Reiki Masters who are Christians, former clients and students.

Reiki and the Bible uses the following bible passages in support of Christians using Reiki.
I Corinthians 12:4-12; I Corinthians 12:28-31 and John 14:12
Quote: Scripture clearly indicates that healing is something appropriate for Christians to be involved with. Christians who have a solid foundation in their faith know that God will always protect and guide them. Those Christians who practice Reiki do so within the guidance and protection of God secure in the belief that they have been guided to follow Jesus’ example to be a healer. source

What Reiki is not
For the Christian to decide whether Reiki is for him or her it may be more useful than talking about what Reiki is to talk about what Reiki is not.

Reiki is not a part of any religion. It has practitioners on many spiritual paths. Reiki works by chanelling the highest power of universal energy to the recipent. Reiki uses the word Universal Energy to name this power. But Reiki does not have it’s own God, a False God or a Rival God. Christians who practice Reiki normally interchange Holy Spirit for Universal Energy.

Reiki was not found in any Buddhist texts. William Lee Rand says:
“Researchers, including Toshitaka Mochizuki, Hiroshi Doi and Frank Arjava Petter, made contact with the original Reiki organization, discovered Mikao Usui’s grave, translated the story of Reiki inscribed on his memorial stone, and uncovered an original document written by Mikao Usui about the nature of Reiki. These sources indicate that Mikao Usui wasn’t seeking to discover a method of healing, but that the ability to heal came to him spontaneously during a spiritual experience on a sacred mountain. Furthermore, in his Reiki Ryoho Hikkei (Reiki Healing Art Handbook), Mikao Usui states: “My Usui Reiki Ryoho (healing art) is original, never before explored, and incomparable in the world.” “

Reiki is not without science.
The research of James Oschman, Ph.D. shows a scientific explanation for Reiki. So Reiki is as acceptable a healing method as any other that came out of the eastern world, such as accupuncture or reflexology.

What Christians have to say
“When I went for Reiki I was uncertain as to what powers my Reiki practitioner would call on, but she asked me about my beliefs and asked Jesus and the Angel Michael to be with me as that was what I wanted for my healing”.
“I saw a white light at my practitioners side, as she is Buddhist she calls that being Tara, but I saw an angel. It was not like that being didn’t belong because of our different beliefs. It reminded me of how our brother or sister is like the Samaritan who crossed the road.”
“I was really uncomfortable about using Reiki symbols as I thought they were from another religion. I prefer to work with the words for those symbols translated to English written on a cross or icthus and that’s OK with my Reiki Master as I’m focusing my intent for healing in a way that works for me.”

I hope that makes those of you who are Christians more comfortable with Reiki and those of you who are not, aware of the modifications that can be made in the practice of Reiki to fit with a system of beliefs. If you would like me to look into Reiki and your own religious practice for a further article please email me at